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February 12, 2023 2 min read

Here we are in the month of Sha'ban al hamdoulilah. In about thirty days, if Allah allows us, we will welcome our dear Ramadan whom we look forward to every year. Despite this joy at the approach of the blessed month of Ramadan, many of us do not attach any importance to the month of Cha'ban. Yet it is a month during which it is recommended to fast a lot and multiply good works, as the Prophet did (sallallahou 'aliyah wa Salam).

Fast the month of Cha "ban, a forsaken sunnah

Aïcha (Radia Allah 'Anha) said , “The Messenger of Allah (Salla Allahu alayhi wa Salam) fasted all the month of Chaabane, he fasted all but a few days.”

(Al-Bokhari and Muslim). Companion Osama ibn Zaid (Radia Allah Ành) reported that: “The Messenger of Allah (SallaLlahou 'aliyah wa Salam) fasted some days in a row so much that we thought he never stopped. And he ate some days in a row so much that he no longer fasted except two days a week. He dedicated them separately to fasting outside of periods when he fasted. There is not a month when he devoted himself most to fasting than during Shabaan.

I asked him about this: Dear Messenger of Allah! You dedicate yourself to fasting so much that you hardly ever break it. And you interrupt the fasting so much that you practically no longer devote yourself to it except for two days that you dedicate yourself separately to fasting outside the periods in which you fast. "What are these two days?" he asked. I answered him on Monday and Thursday. During these two days, the works are exposed to the Lord of the universe, and I like to be in a state of fasting when my works are exposed to Him. I don't see you fasting in the other months as much as in Shaban's .

People forget that month between Rajab and Ramadan. Yet this is the month in which works ascend to the Lord of the Universe, and I like to be in a state of fasting when my works ascend to Him.” (Narrated by Ahmed and Annassai).

The exception of the last 15 days of the month except for those who usually fast

According to Abu Houreira (may ALLAH be pleased with him), the Prophet (may ALLAH's prayer and salvation be upon him) said, “From the middle of the ban, do not fast until it is Ramadan.” (Narrated by Abu Daoud and authenticated by Sheikh Albani) The ban on fasting the second half of each ban concerns those who start fasting from the middle of the month or after. For those who fasted before the middle of the month, then continued until the end then the ban does not concern him... Detailed article to be found on

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